Friday, December 7, 2007

An Inner Battle of Sorts

I'm currently fighting an inner battle about my current job situation. My previous contract position ended last week and I now have two offers for new positions on the table: Job A is a higher level position but requires four days a week in Chicago for at least one year; Job B is along the same lines as I was doing but working from home.

Sure, many might think "But dear, you're married, why would you want to be gone four days a week?" Because Job A presents a fantastic opportunity to gain awesome experience and exposure. Hubby's being as supportive as he can, but of course it's hard for him to be happy about it. Especially when Job B would allow me to work from home -- and the pay would be about the same.

Job B would be perfect for raising a family. And I tend to be a bit of a hermit and kind of relish the idea of working in my pjs. But will I gain enough to advance later in life?

My old boss says I need to figure out what I want out of life. He's the kind of person that lives to work. I think I work to live. The idea of Chicago is exciting -- but I know the glamour would wear off in a month or so. I would miss hubby. But would I regret not taking it later? Do I want the corporate career, the 8-6 schedule, wearing suits, networking with the company's elite?

Or do I want to have time to breathe during the day, enjoying life outside of work, having the opportunity to start a family sooner rather than later? We've been talking about building a new house, one that we can raise a family in, and that's exciting too. And I've always wanted more time that I can spend volunteering like I used to -- Job B would allow that. Flexibility is a rare gift these days.

Some say that I'm young, take the job in Chicago, it's a great career move. Others say I'm young, newly married and it would be too hard on the marriage. Then there's those who believe career will always be there later, so choose your marriage/family first.

I visited Chicago last week -- I do love big cities. But, the things that make Chicago wonderful are things I wouldn't experience because I'd be working or flying home. If the job was writing for a magazine, then I would sign the papers and hubby would back me 110%. But Job A is not my dream job and he knows that.

So I sit here now. Wide awake just like last night, and the night before. I'm waiting for a sign, it seems -- a huge blinking arrow that will fall from the sky and point me in the right direction.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Taking the Cow out of "Cowboys Cheerleaders"

Hubby's out of town, so I'm curled up on the couch, watching Chick TV, munching on handfuls of chocolate. Which is great fun until I get warped into watching shows like "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders", a reality show on CMT following the cheerleaders from tryouts to their first game.

I will admit I was enjoying the show. That is until they cut a girl from training camp because she was "fat". This girl weighed less than me, looked great in tiny spandex shorts, had a beautiful face, but neglected to have the washboards abs the coach was looking for.

Extremely frustrating. She was an AMAZING dancer. Even the coach said her technical skills were the best of the group. So why was she cut? I thought the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were supposed to be great role models. But by cutting the "fat" girl on national television, the coach is sending the message that America would rather watch a so-so dancer with washboard abs, than an elegant and amazing performer with a slightly softer middle.

It's shallow. And disgusting. I thought beauty rested in the overall woman, not just the midsection.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tick Tock to the Boat Dock

Today has been a long day. Not really due to work, more like I just want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Last week at work was a doozy, let me tell ya. But today, the minutes have seemed to flow like molasses, a thick oozing of time that won't release my butt from this chair. Or my hands from this keyboard. My eyes from this screen. Tiiiiiiiccckkkk Toooocccck. So to help pass the time that, some day, I'll complain I don't have enough of, I figured I'd write a much delayed blog ...

Hubby and I have decided to buy a boat. Sure, probably an unpractical decision but, if you really know us then you know how much we enjoy hanging out on the water and fishing. We like to call it Couples Therapy, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

For those who know boats, we're thinking of the Stratos 486SF. (If you've heard something terrible about them, please let me know before we sink like the Titanic.) We've done a ton of research and looked at more boats than I truly have patience for, and this "fish and ski" seems like a great compromise for what we both want.

Not that we ski, but it would be nice to have a bigger boat so we can hang out on the lake, have room for company (and the little ones someday). And I wouldn't mind learning to wakeboard, though I've heard it's insanely rough on weak bodies like mine! As long as I have a cup holder for my adult beverage and plenty of room to cast, I'm set.

And I can't tell you how many city slickers tried to sell us floating pieces of rusty crap for almost the same cost of a new boat. FRUSTRATING. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a deep gouge in the bottom of a boat isn't a good thing. Neither are live wells filled with nesting insects. Okay, so that last one is easily fixable with some pesticide and a hose, but I'm not reaching my hand in there.

For once I won't be pasty white all summer. I'll be glowing with skin cancer (but still glowing, nonetheless), cheeks kissed by the sweltering summer sun. And heck –- if I don't catch the 10lb bass of my dreams, I'll just pop a top to a new day …