Friday, April 27, 2012

The "Freebie List"

"Rachel: Alright, let me see. Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurely, Michelle Pfieffer, and... Dorothy Hammill?
Ross: Hey, it's my list.
Rachel: Okay, honey, you do realize she only spins like that on ice."

A few nights ago, J and I were watching old Friends reruns. Funny how, at the time, they were so super cool. But looking back?  I can't believe I ever wanted to dress like Rachel or have Monica's short black hair.  

I digress.

So it was the "Freebie List" episode, where they all consider what five celebrities would be on their "freebie list" ~  five people they can sleep with without anyone getting upset.  And remember?  Ross finally gets his list finalized by eliminating Isabella Rossellini... then he bumps into her. Classic.

J and I got to talking about who would be on our lists. J's included Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes. It was almost scary how fast he came up with his list.

Let me tell you, it was freakin' hard to decide for mine. I kept putting someone on my list. Taking them off. Switching them out for someone else. Putting them back on.  But I finally got it narrowed down:  Jason Whitten, Adam Sandler, David Boreanaz, Leonardo DiCaprio and, of course, Brad Pitt.

"Adam Sandler?  Really?" remarked J. "Wow, that makes me feel better."


"Because he's a goofy bastard, like me."

I didn't even ask if I was supposed to feel worse because none of the girls he chose are remotely close to me. Except maybe Anne Hathaway -- we have the same color hair. And I'm sure she has 10 toes?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." ~ Arnold Bennett

I'm lagging behind, I know. But that's okay for now. So much to do, so little time. But I finally feel like I'm in a place to start pulling it all together. Maybe. 

Maybe if I discard the notion that everything has to be perfect, it would be easier to start. Story of my life!  Will say, though, that I hate every time I log in to start a post, it seems Blogger is different. I fear change. Okay, not really. But it's confusing the hell out of me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kids & Dreams

Sometimes I like chick tv. The Bachelor? Not so much. But So You Think You Can Dance? Love it. I usually can't remember what day it comes on, but I'm glued to the tv when I find it. I could totally do without the fluff and some of the slow stuff though. 

Anyway, my friend T and I went to a live show when they toured near Dallas a few seasons ago. The set up was a little cheesy, and not sure why I thought the hostess would actually be there, but the performances were awesome. And, the people watching? Even better. We sat next to a married couple, and the guy knew every dance. Not the wife, the husband.  And he cried several times. Sure, guys can be sensitive and emotional. But I think there's a closet somewhere with his name on it.  

And there was a mom and daughter sitting in front of us.  The daughter ~ probably middle-school aged at most ~ went on and on about how beautiful the dancers were, how she wanted to be like Lauren (that season's winner), how she wanted to dance, on and on and on. Finally, during the intermission, the mom looked at her doe-eyed daughter and matter-of-factly said, "It's too much work. You can't do that."  

T and I just looked at each other, stunned. The girl looked so crushed, I wanted to reach out and give her a hug and some words of encouragement. I waited for the mom to say something, anything else, but she never did. The girl sat through the rest of the performance like an icicle -- still, cold, unexcited. 

I couldn't believe it. Sure, the chances of her actually becoming a professional dancer are probably slim to none, but somebody has to be, so why not her? Why not encourage her to be excited about dance, an artform that celebrates the beauty of the body, that relies on being healthy and strong, that communicates a message of strength and grace to those watching? Why not get her excited about something that could help her through the awkward teen years, give her meaning in life, help her avoid the pitfalls so many fall into. Why not use it as leverage to keep her grades up, as an extracurricular to keep her busy and a means into college?  What is SO important in her life that she doesn't have room for a dream?  

I made a vow that day to never cause that pain in my child. Sure, if Baby decides that picking gum off the sidewalk is his dream in life, I may have to re-direct him. But I hope I never cause the hurt I saw in that little girl's eyes. Far-fetched dreams are better than none at all, right?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bored + Giveaway

Baby's asleep, hubs is watching a movie and I'm kind of bored. So it was either post something or wash bottles... yep, so what to write about?  I was thinking I might host a giveaway of some sort. You know, to attract a little attention, pull a new face or two in, kick this party up a notch. Not sure what it will be yet ~ something small, probably not very cool. Or it could be reallly cool. Who knows?  I figure I've got some time to work out the details. Because I'll host it when {should I say "if"?} I reach 100 followers.  Hmmmm, yeah, I've got a ways to go...

Until then, I'll think of some things to ramble about. And give some hints as to the prize, perhaps?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

Wow, I'm not doing so well with this "getting back to blogging" thing. I do try... or, at least, I do think about it. I actually have another blog out there that I keep going with home decor stuff, but it's kind of boring me.  That, and I haven't been spending a ton of money decorating since I quit my job, so... guess that brings me back here? I'm sure I'll repeat myself several times as I can't remember what I've already blogged about.

Guess I can also blame Pinterest for stealing my free time. And, is it possible that I've also become more lazy since having a baby? Perhaps. 

So tell your friends -- if they need something to read to help them fall asleep, this blog just might be the answer!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Irrational Fear

"Why do we feel safe under blankets? It's not like a murderer will come in thinking, 'I'm gonna ki... ahh damn! She's under a blanket.'" ~

J's been in Vegas this past week for work. So, baby and I had a LOT of time to bond.  At six months now, he's quite the squirmy little guy -- sit up, lay down, roll over, help stand, pet the dogs, throw the toys... not crawling, barely sitting and quite the squealer.  

I was dreading this week, but it went more smoothly than I could have ever thought possible. The worst part was after baby went to bed, sitting in this empty house allll alone, listening to every creak and wondering which door the {insert zombie, alien, axe murderer} would try to barge through. Yeah, so I have an over-active imagination.  

At some point I have to dig out my big girl panties so I don't pass my irrational fears onto baby. Which is definitely something I worry about.  All the time.  I sometimes think, "How did I get this way?" It cracks J up when I hear something outside in the middle of the night, and scooch closer to him or get up to lock the bedroom door. It's not like I watched a ton of scary tv when I was a kid.  Though, I do recall watching Poltergeist and X-Files. But other than that, it was all sunshine and rainbows.  

Maybe my parents just never taught me how to rationally deal with fear.  It was always, "That's silly, don't worry about that" or "That'll never happen" or "It's fake".  Fear was swept under the rug.  Feelings weren't dealt with, just told to go away.  I think I want to teach my boy that, while it might be silly to fear a certain something, here are some steps you can take to overcome that fear.  Or to help you deal with what you're feeling even if no one else understands. And if something terrible does happen, that I'll be there, fighting tooth and nail to protect him.  

Otherwise, he'll be 31 years old, hiding under the covers with all the lights on, the alarm set, the bedroom door locked, clutching his cell phone and wondering if he should turn on the news just incase something has come to over-take the world.

Not that that's what I've been doing the past few nights or anything...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Catching Up

Seems like life has been a whirlwind since my last real post in August of 2010:

  • Road trip to Galveston with J
  • Floated the Comal River with friends
  • Had a little Cali adventure
  • Celebrated 30th birthdays
  • Got pregnant
  • Watched J survive two layoffs with his company
  • Had a beautiful baby boy
  • Tried balancing working from home & taking care of Baby
  • Almost got canned myself
  • Quit my job

Guess that's about it in a {really big} nutshell. I feel like I'm finally starting to unwind a bit, and finally getting to enjoy Baby (and life) without the added stress of trying to juggle a conference call with a blowout diaper.  And a stressed out husband.  And a messy house.

So many stories, so little time.  Oh, wait.  Now that I'm a "Domestic Engineer" {ahem}, maybe I finally do have time.  

Whoop whoop!