Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Big Mouth

Getty didn't call.

And I should have left it alone ... but didn't. I sent him a text late Tuesday night, "Glad I didn't hold my breath". Why? I'm not sure. Maybe I was upset because I reached out and he took it to the level of wanting to call. Maybe I just hate being blown off.

Two in the morning I get a reply. "I'm sooo sorry. Can I call u now?"

Are you kidding? I told him I was asleep, that I'd talk to him later. He called twice yesterday, though I didn't answer. I'll call him back today, though now I'm kind of over the whole thing.

Just wanted my friend back, not all the drama that I can foresee coming with it.

Lighter post tomorrow, I promise :).


Ches said...

Drama sucks!

Sure there are better fish in the sea. Waiting is never a nice wastes valuable 'life time'.

Have a great weekend Izzy.

Izzy said...

Thanks Ches :). Life is certainly interesting sometimes ...

Nej said...

Probably good that he didn't call...yes??