Sunday, August 24, 2008

Raw Fish and Cougars

"I never eat sushi. I have trouble eating things that are merely unconscious." — George Carlin

Hubby and I returned from a week in Colorado three days ago -- I'll post a few pictures soon as it was one of the more beautiful trips I've taken there.

We spent the weekend at hubby's work "retreat". We usually get to go to a relaxing resort in Austin, which is nice since it's five hours from home so it feels like a vacation. But, this year, his manager had them stick close to home (read: a hotel 15 minutes from our house). It was fun getting to meet some of the new people in his region. I usually cringe when it comes to forced small talk, but I think we all found we were very much alike.

We dined at a couple of great places including Ra'. I was skeptical because it's mostly sushi (if I wanted to eat raw fish, I'd take a bite out of the ones I catch when I go fishing). As the huge dishes of raw tuna, rolls and such were placed before us, I wondered just how many sea creatures were being consumed by the 17 people at the table. But the place did have great music and a swanky / funky atmosphere ... and fabulous chicken teriyaki. Oh, and the sake bombs weren't bad either *wink wink*.

The "cougars" were out in full force that night at Ra' -- minimally dressed in designer tops and skin-tight jeans, glowing with fake tans and golden highlights. These women prowled around the place, trolling for a delicious snack in the crowd around the bar. It was interesting to watch these women who, from the back, looked my age or younger. One look at their fronts, however, revealed more than good plastic surgery -- some of these women were old enough to be my mother. They were everywhere, including the bar we went to after dinner. I let go of hubby for two seconds on the dance floor, and he was pounced on by a feisty blonde twice his age. Creepy.

What happened to meeting people at coffee shops, or bumping into someone at the book store who happens to be holding the exact same copy of your favorite author's latest creation?

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ÄsK AliCë said...

Oh I so want to meet a guy at the bookstore - GREAT idea.

I'll just find a cute guy, stalk him and see what book he finds, grab a copy and nonchalantly stand behind him in line...

Too creepy? Maybe.