Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Debate -- My Thoughts

To be completely honest, tonight's Vice Presidential debate is the first debate I've watched in its entirety in years. Okay, ever.*

While I'm still on the fence about who to vote for (no, I don't vote a straight party ticket), I was curious to watch Palin in action. And for the first few minutes all I could picture was Tina Fey as Palin on Saturday Night Live. But in the end I thought Palin did well, the debate was interesting if not a smidge boring, and life tomorrow will go on for both candidates.

It was the commentary from reporters after the debate that ruffled my feathers. Several remarks were made that Palin would appeal to women because she's *gasp* a woman. Sure, I applaud the fact that a woman could potentially become the next Vice President. But I would never vote for her just because she has a vagina.

But I guess that's politics. Some people ignore the real issues and vote for someone because they are male or female, black or white. The answers can't be found in gender or race but in words and experiences.

Wake up. Let's start listening with our ears and not our eyes.

*I hate confrontation and avoid it like the plague ... even when it's on television.


Miss Caught Up said...

Totally, I wouldn't vote for Palin because she has a vagina either LOL you're too funny.

I watched the VP debate and all I wanted to say is this, "Palin should show Biden Russia and take a long stroll on the beach." Because every time Palin spoke, Biden had such an enormous smile (which made me laugh) and whenever Biden agreed with what Palin said, Palin would become overly excited.

Yeah. They should totally hold hands. LOL

Kristi said...

I think I had built the debate up on my head so much that I was a little disappointed in it. I don't think it had a huge effect. Obama supporters are still Obama supporters and McCain fans are still McCain fans. I think the undecided are still undecided.

I don't mind when Biden smiles. I love his smile. Is it completely odd that I have a tiny crush on him? I think he's like old man attractive. I probably shouldn't have just admitted that!

T. Brook Smith said...

"But I would never vote for her just because she has a vagina."

...oh such a merciless straight line. Oh the comments I can't make for the sake of propriety...oh you WOUND me.

But seriously. Could you really vote for anyone who counts landing in Ireland as part of her foreign policy experience? Having a vagina would be a substantially better qualification than that.