Saturday, July 26, 2008

Around the World

So I was browsing through blogs this morning, and it amazes me how many are in foreign languages. Not that I'm too surprised -- the world is large and English only covers a small sliver -- but I was more disappointed that I couldn't read them. And, based on photos, some of them looked pretty interesting.

I found one about transit in Singapore, which must be pretty popular as there were numerous posts and comments. Another blog was about a family's journey through Germany, and they either really enjoyed snapping photos of ceramics or they sell them on the black market. A blogger from Japan clearly has an obsession for water, art and men's undies. And then one blog from Uruguay that's either a young girl's self-collection of half-nude photos ... or some guy's attempt to make some cash. Either way, I flagged it (hey, I'm all about freedom of speech ... but where the hell is her mother?).

It makes me wonder how many people come across American blogs and think, what are they trying to say? How often do our messages truly get lost and misinterpreted?


MixMax said...

I agree, I find it very interesting to come across so many blogs in different languages. Well, I wanted just to browse through blogs, and found yours, I read the ice cream one :)
Misinterpretation can happen, but also it depends on the message, don't you think?

I have been through a lot of blogs, which I can brand as "blogs of hatred" because of the amount of poison every single word carries... shocking. On the other hand, there are American bloggers who I love to visit and stay for a hours reading through their pages.

Again, all depends on the message, and purpose, maybe?!

Me! said...

Agreed! It's almost like walking into a store, and over-hearing someone's phone conversation. You're left to interpret your own opinion of what the message may be.

I think you have a key point with "purpose" -- sometimes it's the hardest part of communication. (My blog? No purpose aside from providing an outlet for my ramblings! :-) )